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 Are you a part time forex trader who places an order in the morning before work and keeps worrying throughout the day whether the order was closed profitable or not?
 Are you using an expert advisor and you need constant updates whether the EA is making profits or not?
 Do you think it will ne good if someone monitors your trade and informs you immediately when it is closed?

Then this MT4 Automatic Email Expert is for you.

Just attach this Email Expert to one of the charts. Whenever any order gets closed either by your other EAs, or a stoploss or a takeprofit is triggered, your Email Expert will automatically send out an email to you with all the details about the order. Sample emails are given below.

If you have a cellphone, then you can get the messages as an SMS. Most of the popular carriers have SMS gateways, which delivers email messages to your cellphone as an SMS

Along with the EA you get a detailed manual to help you setup the email in MT4 and also to get SMS in your cellphone

You can also select the orders you want to monitor for sending emails, using the following filter criteria.

You have the ability to tell the EA which orders it has to manage, and send notification to you

Option 1:
Run on all orders in the MT4 terminal.

Option 2:
Monitor only the currencies, on which the EA is attached. For example, all EURUSD trades.

Option 3:
Monitor only the orders that match with the magic numbers that you specify. For example, all trades with magic number 1.

Option 4:
Monitor only the orders that match with the comments that you specify. For example, all trades with comments "Strategy abc".

Option 5: Monitor only a specific order using a ticket number.

Option 6: Monitor only the orders that match with the trading direction that you specify. For example, all SELL orders

Sample emails

a. When only one order is closed , then you get the following detailed email

Subject: Ticket#: 176070468 Closed. Profit: 1.00, Balance: 5118.46

Magic #: 4
Comment: a
Ticket#: 176070468
Size: 1.00
OpenTime: 2011.02.02 14:32
Close Time: 2011.02.02 14:32
Open: 1.38050
Close: 1.38049
Profit: 1.00
Pips: 0.1
Balance: 5118.46
Used Margin: 0.00
Free Margin: 5118.46
Equity: 5118.46
Broker: Alpari (UK) Ltd.
Leverage: 500

b. When more than one orders are closed , then you get the following summary email

Subject: Multiple Orders Closed. Account Balance: 5093.37 Equity: 5093.37

Balance: 5093.37
Used Margin: 0.00
Free Margin: 5093.37
Equity: 5093.37
Broker: Alpari (UK) Ltd.
Leverage: 500

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